About Us

Mariner engages creative, highly skilled professionals. Our people provide unique depth and breadth of investing experience that enables us to partner with our investors on a wide range of specialized and diversified mandates, particularly in credit and fixed income investing.

Mariner delivers investment solutions. We attract top proprietary trading talent and seasoned investment managers who adeptly navigate the ever evolving financial landscape and seek out special situations and complex investments. This work requires great analytical skill and management expertise, which we believe set us apart from traditional managers. Maximizing this expertise, Mariner creates various investment programs tailored to meet our institutional investors’ needs, including traditional comingled investing, strategic partnerships and custom accounts.

Mariner prioritizes risk management. Our risk management systems are the cornerstones for our robust institutional infrastructure, designed to manage and minimize financial, operational, regulatory and compliance related risks. We seek to manage risk continuously and from multiple perspectives, with the belief that successful portfolio management and consistent performance over time rest on sound risk management practices.

Mariner is dedicated to serving our clients. We strive to communicate clearly, first by listening and seeking to understand our investors’ needs, then by establishing a dialogue to provide useful information to our clients. Further, Mariner is committed to aligning our interests with those of our investors and partners.

Principles for Responsible Investment